28 of the most popular home siding colors (2023)

Depending on where you live, you've probably seen a variety of homes built in popular home siding colors. Color preferences can change, both over time and depending on the area in which the house is located. Region-specific colors are common, but so are the various locale-transcending colors seen in many regions and in many domestic styles.

If you're looking for inspiration for what might look good in your home, consider one of these 28 popular home siding colors.

1. Red Autumn

28 of the most popular home siding colors (1)

There are few colors that evoke more emotions in people than red. As a siding color for homes, reds reminiscent of the old rusty red produced with linseed oil are almost universally popular. The key is to choose a red closer to rust or brown and not lean into the fire truck category. Done right, Autumn Redhouse sidingcolor can produce a sense of nostalgia in viewers.

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2. Blue Coast

28 of the most popular home siding colors (2)

All shades of blue have grown tremendously in popularity in recent years. Blue can be a bold color compared to neutral tones, but it also has calming connotations, evoking a sense of serenity and peace in viewers.

Houses painted a rich coastal blue with white accents are reminiscent of the sense of peace and well-being that visitors feel when viewing the sea.

3. cypress

28 of the most popular home siding colors (3)

If you live anywhere in the northern US, you will likely find many homes painted in similar colors to Cypress. This soft green is close enough to a neutral found in many conservative areas, yet has enough color to work well in areas that value more natural colors and tones as well, such as those found in the trees, fields and woods that surround the communities. 🇧🇷

A cypress painted home can also make good use of several different accent colors to help the shade blend in well in areas like the south where darker colored homes are preferred.

4. Desert Tan

28 of the most popular home siding colors (4)

True neutrals are universally popular, no matter what region you live in or what type of architectural style your home has. Neutrals tend to blend well with their surroundings, so they can work well in a neighborhood of different colors or styles without clashing or unnecessarily drawing attention to the property.

Neutrals like Desert Tan also pair well with different accent colors like green blinds for those who want a splash of color.

5. release

28 of the most popular home siding colors (5)

Gray is the new neutral shade that everyone has loved for several years now. Those who like the idea of ​​a neutral color but aren't thrilled with beige or cream tones can appreciate the rich beauty of grays like Flagstone. This rich color goes well with neighboring shades of black and white, but it will also make a red door stand out, or it can be the background for a splash of blue, depending on your personal taste.

6. Green forest

28 of the most popular home siding colors (6)

Houses located in rural areas, as well as in the north, are often painted in different shades of green that are reminiscent of the nature around them. This makes Forest Green one of the most popular colors seen in these areas.


Forest Green is reminiscent of the color of trees at the height of summer, but it also works well as a background color for homes that need bold accents, like a black shutter or red door.

7. Gray granite

28 of the most popular home siding colors (7)

Gray is a multifaceted color that comes in many shades. Granite Gray is a lighter, more neutral gray that is almost universally flattering and works well in all regions and areas. Lighter than Flagstone, with a warmer tone, Granite Gray can be used coast to coast in many architectural styles where a light neutral color is desired, but not a tan or cream.

8. Clear edge

28 of the most popular home siding colors (8)

Light, natural colors are also very popular in almost all areas, particularly in New England and most northern areas. This includes colors like Light Maple, which is a rich shade similar to the light heartwood color found in a maple tree that has been cut down.

Light Maple is a beautiful background color for homes with more powerful details. Use this color as a base for deeper shades on blinds, doors and trim to create a unique color combination.

9. Hearthstone

28 of the most popular home siding colors (9)

As shades of gray have grown in popularity, so have shades that pair gray with more classic neutrals, like tan. The result is a Hearthstone-like color; a warm, rich neutral that's close enough to gray to be included in this category's popularity.

Because Hearthstone is warmer than other shades of gray, it pairs best with accent colors like red, green, orange, and cream, making it a highly versatile color that works in many homes.

10. White Linen

28 of the most popular home siding colors (10)

Along both coasts, as in many areas of New England, you'll find a variety of white and light-colored homes. Linen white is the perfect background color to create a subtle, classic palette at home. Paired with black shutters and a red door, linen is a slightly warmer shade of white that can help make a home feel more approachable and welcoming.

11. calendula

28 of the most popular home siding colors (11)

Looking for a warm, bright color to brighten up your home's exterior? Look no further than the pale yellow tones of Marigold. This warm color is perfect for brightening up a home without making it too bold. Combined with a crisp white border, Marigold can be found in a variety of different architectural styles and in all areas.

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12. Gris Nantucket

28 of the most popular home siding colors (12)

Named for the region where it can be found in most homes, Nantucket Gray is another warmer, richer shade of gray that has nearly universal appeal. Nantucket Gray is a lighter, truly neutral gray, perfectly balanced between warm and cool, light and dark. It works well in almost all architectural styles, as well as in all regions.

13. Argila Natural

28 of the most popular home siding colors (13)

Another popular color among homeowners who like white but don't want a harsh hue in their homes is natural clay. This off-white is cooler than cream or beige, but warm enough to have some character. It goes well with beige, beige and brown for those who want to create a monochromatic exterior for their homes.

14. Newport gris topo

28 of the most popular home siding colors (14)

Taupe was one of the 2017 Colors of the Year, and with good reason. This delicate shade perfectly balances between gray and beige; light enough to be considered a neutral, but cooler than most neutrals. Newport Taupe is a deeper version of the color that works really well with rich red and brown accents.

15. oliva

28 of the most popular home siding colors (15)

If you like the idea of ​​gray but want a little more character and color for your home, consider Olive. Another shade of deep green that works well in the North, Olive is also close enough to gray to have more universal appeal. You can find Olive in homes in the south as well as on the west coast.

16. Pacific Blue

28 of the most popular home siding colors (16)

If you like the blues but want something a little deeper and darker, consider Pacific Blue for your home. Pacific Blue is a softer hue than Coastal Blue, but still retains the near-universal popularity shared by all home blue shades. You can find Pacific Blue on both coasts, as well as the South and Midwest.

17. first

28 of the most popular home siding colors (17)

For homeowners who want a splash of neutral color that works in any room, consider the Pewter hue. This very light gray has a cool enough undertone to work in smaller homes, making them appear larger. It also pairs well with classic color combinations like black and red for homeowners who want a traditional exterior.

18. marten brown

28 of the most popular home siding colors (18)

Houses located in the south are often painted in very dark colors. Sable Brown fits perfectly with these color schemes, giving you a rich, warm, dark color that can be the backdrop for a variety of different palettes. Pair this hue with deep reds and rusts for a dynamic look.

19. Savannah Wicker

28 of the most popular home siding colors (19)

Sometimes the color you want for your home is something perfectly balanced between light and dark, warm and cool. Savannah Wicker fits that bill perfectly; a true neutral that will work well in any circumstances and in any architectural style.

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20. Snow White

28 of the most popular home siding colors (20)

Many people love the classic look of white in their home. Snow White gives you that crisp, clean color that goes so well with other classic shades like grey, black and red. Mixed together, this palette really stands out in traditional architecture.

21. Sterling Gray

28 of the most popular home siding colors (21)

Sterling Gray is another very light gray coating that works well in many situations. One of the lightest shades available, Sterling is a true gray with no warm undertones. It works well with other cool colors like blue, green and black to create a harmonious exterior.

22. Gamuza

28 of the most popular home siding colors (22)

Suede, shown here with Desert Tan, is a rich, warm color made to blend well with others. If you want a color for your home that invites people in, Suede is the perfect color for the job. The color also works well with other light and dark tones, allowing you to create a unique, cohesive palette.

23. wicker

28 of the most popular home siding colors (23)

Light colored homes are popular almost everywhere, and wicker is another color that allows you to add flair to your exterior without overwhelming the area with color. This soft off-white is not exactly cream or beige, but a unique shade that blends beautifully with many architectures.

24. Cedar

28 of the most popular home siding colors (24)

Not every home looks better painted a solid color; some homes show their true potential when painted. Cedar Stain is a warm, rich color that allows the home's character to show through. Wear it alone or pair it with a cool shade for contrast.

25. arco

28 of the most popular home siding colors (25)

Maple is another stain that works well on many homes and fixtures, like this fence. A light, clear color, Maple adds just a touch of personality and depth of interest to the areas it is applied to.

26. mahogany

28 of the most popular home siding colors (26)

Stains don't have to be light or warm in color to be effective. This mahogany stain is the perfect addition to rustic homes and buildings. The warm brown tones of the stain will allow the building to fit well into any environment.

27. Esmeralda

28 of the most popular home siding colors (27)

Stains can also be very effective when they contain true colors. Used throughout the home, or as an accent when paired with another stain, Emerald allows homes to shine with a wash of color that brings out the depth of the wood grain.

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28. Sequoia

28 of the most popular home siding colors (28)

For many homeowners, there's nothing quite like the rich red color of Redwood when a stain is what you want. The color here draws in viewers, making the house feel cozy and pleasing to the eye.


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