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Pasco County Jail Information


Pasco County Jail
Citizen Unit 8700
Novo Porto Richey,FL 34654

phone number

Telephone:(727) 847-5878

Located at 8700 Citizen Drive in New Port Richey, FL, the Pasco County Jail is a medium-security county jail operated by the Pasco County Sheriff's Department.

This page provides information on everything you want to know about the Pasco County Jail, how to find out who is incarcerated at the Pasco County Jail, the jail address and phone number, admissions and reservation procedures, how to find your court records and much more more.

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This guide aims to give you the information you need to help someone get out of prison much easier. If you have a specific question, feel free to ask it in the comments section below, and any comments or feedback that might help others are also welcome.

Pasco County Prison Inmate Survey

Do you have a family member, loved one or friend who has been arrested and would like to get in touch? Know someone who has been arrested and want to know where they are?

To know who is locked insidePasco County JailYou must use the search form.

who is in prison

The Pasco County Jail Inmate Roster is an online list of those currently incarcerated, which includes incarceration status and schedule of visits. You can find information about everyone who has booked or released in the last 24 hours. The prisoners are listed alphabetically by last name. You can find information faster if you have your friend or family member's full name, date of birth, or prison number.

Pasco County Jail Policies and Procedures

admission procedure

The Pasco County Jail Licensing Process consists of the following steps:

You will be taken to a holding area or cell. When the prison is busy, it takes a while to process.

First, you'll need to answer a few simple questions like your full name, address, date of birth, an emergency contact, and it'll also ask about your mental health and medical history. You will then receive a prisoner ID card and your fingerprints. Your personal belongings will then be taken away from you and stored until you are released.

You may use your phone to contact a family member, friend or loved one.

If you think you'll be released quickly, they'll let you wear your street clothes, if not, you'll have to wear prison-issued jumpsuits.

discharge procedure

If you finally post bail, you'll be able to go home after you're released. Release from prison takes anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours. The quicker you post bail, the sooner you'll be released. How quickly you are released depends on whether you have cash bail or whether the judge needs to determine the bail to be set. For a minor offence, you will simply be reported and released with no bail required. When you reach the end of your sentence and get a release date, plan to be released that morning.

Pasco County Jail Visit

To receive visitors, inmates are required to provide the name and date of birth of each visitor at the Pasco County Jail before they can visit. This information is entered into a visitor log for the occupant who requested the visit. Every visitor must identify themselves. Visitors arriving late or without visiting regulations are not allowed to visit the detainee.

Visiting procedures at the Pasco County Jail are subject to change, so we encourage you to call the jail at (727) 847-5878 before visiting an inmate.

visiting hours

And visiting hours
Montag 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m
Tuesday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m
Wednesday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m
Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m
Freitag 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m
Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m
Domingo 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

visiting rules

To visit somebodyPasco County JailYou must first be added to their visit list.

Be sure to bring your current official ID or driving license with you to the visit, otherwise you will be denied access.

No phones in the Pasco County Jail and you're being searched. Personal items are not allowed. Individuals must obtain permission from their respective manager and supervisor before visiting. Such a visit is not permitted.

If the visitor is under the age of 18 and is a family member of the prisoner, he or she must be accompanied by an adult family member or guardian, which includes a member of the prisoner's extended family. If the visitor is under the age of 18 and is not a family member of the prisoner, that visitor must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Mailing to prisoners

Here's what you need to know about sending letters, photos, postcards, greeting cards, and even magazines to an inmate in prison.Pasco County Jail. Mail received and sent by inmates at the Pasco County Jail will always be searched and inspected for contraband that could endanger the safety, security, or welfare of the facility, its employees, and inmates. Prisoners may receive only large sized, unstamped, plain white postcards no larger than 4" x 6" in mail. The lettering on the postcard must be in pencil or in blue or black ink. If it is stamped, it will be sent back. If you write in green ink, it will be returned. If you send other correspondence, it will be returned to the sender. If there is no sender, unauthorized mail will be held in the prisoner's locker until released.

Do not write to a prisoner about this: any kind of threat against the arrest warrant, any description of the manufacture of weapons, bombs, incendiary devices or escape tools; Do not encourage or advocate any form of violence, hate speech, or racial or ethnic domination. Prisoners are not allowed to write to other prisoners.

mailing address

Use this address when sending a letter to someone incarcerated in the Pasco County Jail:

Pasco County Jail
Citizen Unit 8700
New Port Richey, FL 34654

How to address the letter:

Pasco County Jail
Citizen Unit 8700
New Port Richey, FL 34654

Pasco County Jail postal policies are constantly changing, so it's best to check the website before sending a letter.

Send other things to an inmate

There are strict procedures you must follow in order to ship anything to an inmate at the Pasco County Jail. This includes sending money for the cafeteria, sending mail or photos, sending money for phone calls and even postcards.

This page provides everything you need to know about the Pasco County Jail so you can follow these procedures and guidelines. If you have any questions or were looking for something but couldn't find it, please contact us using the contact link in the website menu.

public data

justify query

If you believe you have an outstanding warrant, you can view the warrants on the Pasco County Courthouse website or call the courthouse directly. You must have the person's first and last name. Or you can just go to the jail and ask one of the officers. You should make it clear that if there is a warrant out for your arrest, you should be prepared to be arrested immediately.

Search of arrest records

If you know the person's first and last name and the date of arrest, contact the prison by phone, in person, or online. An arrest is a matter of public record and the information is available to everyone.

court records

Court records are considered public records, so anyone who requests them can access them. These records include a court record, which includes a worksheet and all files and documents filed in your court case. You can access the court records online or at the Pasco County Clerk of Court's office where the case was filed.

Criminal record

Every state keeps records of an individual's criminal history. These databases are all linked so you can track criminal records from other states. Go to the Pasco County Courthouse and make an appointment or check online. Knowing the county helps, and if you're in a completely different state, you may have to pay a fee for a more intensive search.

By looking up a person's criminal record, you can find out if a person has ever been arrested, charged, or convicted of crimes including drug offenses, kidnapping, sex crimes including rape, assault, violent crimes such as assault or murder, or property crimes such as burglary or theft.

Money and Commissariat

The rules for sending money to an inmate at the Pasco County Jail change frequently, so check the Pasco County Jail website if you're sending money to an inmate there.

How to send money to an inmate at the Pasco County Jail

While you are in prison you have your own "bank account". This money is used to purchase items from the Commissariat. Family and friends can deposit money into this account for you, and any money you earn in prison will also be deposited into your account. External money can be deposited into your account by money order, cash or check. If someone sends you a check or money order, make sure that person writes their inmate ID card on it. The maximum amount allowed in your account is $290 per month.

Guidelines for sending money to an inmate

Before sending any money, you should research which online money transfer companies use the prison where your inmate is being held. The exact method Pasco County Jail uses changes frequently, so it's best to call (727) 847-5878 to find out your current payment method.

You may need to be on the inmate's visit list to send them money, and note that there may be a limit to your deposit at one time, such money can be in the inmate's account at one time.

Some of the money transfer companies used by different establishments are JPay, MoneyGram, AccessCorrections, OffenderConnect, Touchpayonline, JailATM, WU, smartdeposit and tigercommissary.

If an inmate has fines or is required to pay reparations, they are subject to the garnishment of their nominee/escrow account. If the prisoner has a garnishment, the money for payment is debited from the prisoner's bank account. In some cases it may be a percentage or the full amount of the bond, but the actual percentage will depend on the circumstances. We recommend inmates speak to the counselor at their facility and try to find out. You could also try withdrawing only a percentage of your commission funds instead of withdrawing all of your funds at once.


The officer is the Pasco County Jail Store. An inmate can buy many different things here, such as toiletries, snacks, and stationery. Keep in mind that you will likely need to purchase items from the commissioner on a daily basis and any violation will result in you losing commissioner privileges.

The commissioner will sell a variety of different products that the inmate can purchase if they have enough money in their escrow account. This includes clothing, shoes, small snacks and other groceries, as well as hygiene products such as soap, shampoo and disposable razor blades. The Commissioner also sells other items such as books and magazines, televisions and radios, playing cards, headphones, MP3 players and electronic tablets. They also sell everything you need to write to family, friends and loved ones: paper, envelopes and stamps. When an inmate is penniless and unable to buy paper and stamps, the prison provides these items to an inmate who has not had any money in his officer's account for at least 30 days.

Phone Calls and Phone Usage Policy

The only phone calls inmates of the Pasco County Jail can make are through a prepaid phone bill or jail-approved calling card. Calls in prison are often more expensive than calls at home. Phone calls are limited to how many times you can use the phone, but remember that every inmate will also want to use the phone so they can call their family. Breaking the rules and being disciplined can limit or eliminate an inmate's ability to use the phone.

Phone number: (727) 847-5878

How to save money on inmate calls

Correctional phone service companies have exclusivity contracts for any facility for which they are the sole phone operator, meaning they control the cost of phone calls. Profits from all inmate phone calls are shared with the facility, so there is no incentive for the prison or facility consultants to show inmates or their families how to save money on inmate phone calls at the Pasco County Jail. Tariffs are published and there are at least two different tariffs depending on where the inmate is calling. These three things determine the cost of a phone call to an inmate: where you are; Where is your inmate located, what type of phone number do you have?

For example, if your inmate is in a federal prison and you get a new local number, your inmate's call rate will drop from $0.21 per minute to just $0.06 per minute.

It is more difficult for other correctional facilities, such as state prisons and local and county jails, to learn how to reduce inmate phone charges. keeps abreast of any changes affecting your inmate call rate and in most cases can provide you with an inmate phone number that can save you big bucks on inmate calls. In some cases, we cannot save you money on your inmate calls and therefore cannot provide you with an inmate phone number. In these cases, the prison has set its call prices in such a way that no one can save you money.

More information abouthow to save on inmate calls at pasco county jail, click on the link below.

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