Starbucks worker in a Buffalo trade union business in a great symbolic victory for work. (2023)


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Coffee chain executives tried to convince workers to reject the union in an election campaign that began in late August.The workers of a second store voted in the Union Non -Union and the result in a third exit was unclear.

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Starbucks worker in a Buffalo trade union business in a great symbolic victory for work. (1)

For theNoam Scheiber

Starbucks business employees in the Buffalo region voted for a union, which is one of nearly 9,000 US companies in the US expresses wages and working conditions.

The result announced by the National Council of Labor Relations on Thursdayrepresents a great challengeFor the giant coffee retailer's work model, who argued that workers enjoy some of the best wages and advantages of the retail and restaurant industry and do not need a union.

The union led to a choice in another business, but with a less advantage than the number of voting newsletters the union wanted to disqualify with the challenges.Agency to be resolved.According to the board, workers in a third store voted against the union, although a lawyer claimed that some voting reports were submitted to the agency and were not counted.

"Although it is a small number of workers, the result has a huge meaning and symbolic symbols are important when it comes to organizing the union," said John Logan, professor of worker science at the State University of San Francisco, in an and email."Workers who want to form a union in the United States are forced to take a considerable risk, and help if they can see other people who have taken this risk and worth it."

The union team that was called for Workers United, a subsidiary of the Giant Service Employepers International Union, throughout the Starbucks workers campaign, the information to draw their attention and also be interested in union formation.

"I think it won't stop in Buffalo," said Alexis Rizzo, a worker of one of the stores and leader in the organizational campaign, at a news conference after the vote.

Workers cited frustration with insufficient and inappropriate training when they were sent in stores in the union electionsEnd of August, Problems that the company followedfor yearsBut what looked like toodeteriorate During PandemiaSolche problems are not only unique at Starbucks and have problems for employees throughout the restaurant and retail for many years.

"We continue like today, yesterday and the day before," said Rossann Williams, president of Starbucks for retail to North America, in a letter to employees after the vote."Voting results will not change our common goal or how we will appear to each other."

The election occurred through postal votes that were due on Wednesday.In November, worker inThree more transactions from buffaloHe sent the necessary documents to the union election department, but it was unclear when votes would take place for these points of sale.

Starbucks reacted to the union campaign with a sense of urgency.converged in storesIn Buffalo, where they asked employees about operational challenges and helped in smaller tasks such as bathroom cleaning.

In a video of a meeting in SeptemberSeen by the New York TimesA district manager of Arizona informed employees that the company asked them to go to Buffalo to save it from the Union Formation.

Several workers who support the union said they found the presence of these civil servants intimidatedly and temporarily surreal.They complainedexcessive employeesIn at least one of the three stores that made elections, the workers said this diluted the support for trade union training.

"So far, despite everything the company has played in us, we have done it and we all know the knowledge at the press conference, the campaign said.

Eg national labor relationsTer theseThat these measures of the company could be interpreted as a tiny "laboratory conditions" that should prevail in the union elections and that they could serve as reasons for the expression of a result.The union stated that the result in the businesses in which workers passed the union.

A regional director of the Labor Councilrecently fallenA union election in an Amazon warehouse in Alabama for similar reasons.

Starbucks said civil servants outside the city and temporarily closed stores to solve staff and training problems and convert business to make them more efficiently.To deal with sick employees and who took such measures across the country since spring, when Coronavirus infection rates fell and business has become agitated.

Williams, president of North America, said in an interview on Wednesday Buffalo that she did not think the vote apron was particularly controversial and spent much of her time there to listen to employees (staff partners, in the words ofcompany) and dealt with "the conditions the partners had pointed out".

The most important business problem, whose coordination near Buffalo Airport was not resolved, was whether several workers who gave the voting newsletters were actually employed in the store.The union argues that they were employed in a different business and only worked in the airport business for a short time.The company said it was entitled to coordinate in accordance with the rules of the Labor Council.

The result may be important to determine the union leverage effect if it negotiate a contract.According to the law, an employer is required to negotiate with a union of good faith, but there is no requirement that he really agrees with a contract and the consequences not to negotiate in good faith are limited.

"Incentives to resist negotiations are important to the employer," said Kate Andrias, a specialist in Labor Law at Columbia Law School."If workers can gain a good contract, it specifies a precedent."

Professor Andrias said the ability to gain a contract usually depends on the economic pressure that the union can exercise and that a second union business could help in this regard.

Eisen, the business worker, unionized unionized, said at the press conference that workers "want to offer the company of the branch of Olive and say," Let's leave behind. "She added, "Now, now," Now, if it's time, let's go to the trading table as soon as possible. "

Starbucks has faced campaigns with other unions over the years, including one inNew York CityIn the 2000s and 2019in Philadelphia, where there were two employees involved in the organization, a step in which a judge of the Labor CouncilfoundThe company appealed against the decision and a decision is still pending.

None of these campaigns have been successful, but employees are organized at Starbucks stores that belong to other companies that operate them as part of license contracts.And workers in a company company in CanadaRecently, union trade union.

A handful of the companyInitial Business in Seattle Had a unionAnd were represented by workers at United Food and Commercial in the 1980s. The union was fired.


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