The 14 best dungeon crawler board games, ranked (2023)

From the 1975 classicDungeon!, dungeon crawling board games have been a fascinating and accessible hobby for millions. Dungeon crawling board games are less iconic than their RPG counterparts, but fill a similar niche in storytelling and gameplay with the added benefit of simplicity.

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The dungeon crawler genre has come back to prominence in recent years, fueled in part by several big hits from Fantasy Flight Games. This includes some of the most acclaimed board games of all time. Fans or newcomers to the genre have a wide range of quality titles.

Updated Jan 13, 2022 by Isaac Williams:Dungeon crawlers are one of the most beloved board game genres and they are back in full force. Players may find themselves with many options. As such, this list has been updated with even more of the best dungeon crawler board games. It covers a variety of themes and playstyles to suit all gamers.


14 Dungeon! has a long legacy

1-8 players

The 14 best dungeon crawler board games, ranked (1)

Dungeon!is a dungeon crawler related to the beginning of. It is a competitive game that pits players against each other in a race to recover treasure. In fact, it has many concepts in common with the first.D&D. Players enter dungeons for profit, not heroism.

Dungeon!It's a somewhat outdated game. It predates many innovations in board games. However, his competitive nature and unconventional goals help him stand out from the genre. Players are not trying to fight their way through a dungeon. They want to dive in, accumulate treasure, and come out again. Although unconventionalDungeon!worth playing

13 The difficulty of rats and mystics does not detract from its charm

1-4 players

The 14 best dungeon crawler board games, ranked (2)

rats and mysticsis a dungeon crawler game designed to be accessible to all ages. It uses much brighter and more charming themes than most other dungeon crawlers. Players control brave fantasy heroes transformed into mice. As mice, they must find a way to save the kingdom.

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rats and mysticsit has a narrative element to it as well as its dungeon crawling. Players explore an ongoing story as they fight their way through dungeons. Despite its whimsical and charming theme,rats and mysticsIt's not an easy or condescending game. It expects players to overcome its challenges and requires careful planning to overcome it.

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12 Bloodborne feels like a desperate hunt

1-4 players

The 14 best dungeon crawler board games, ranked (3)

Bloodborne: The Board Gamerecreates FromSoftware's beloved video game of the same name. It does not try to exactly recreate the mechanics of the game. Instead, try to capture the same feeling. Players explore the city of Yharnam, wielding strange weapons, and fighting horrifying monsters.

Bloodborne: The Board Game also forces playersBalance resources over time. Each scenario has a time limit before the Blood Moon rises. If that happens, the players lose. However, they need to waste time to heal and improve their abilities.blood borneIt is one of the best dungeon crawler board games because of its fun dynamics, great theme, and a lot of replayability.

11 Claustrophobia 1643 turns dungeon crawling into a head-to-head sport

2 players

The 14 best dungeon crawler board games, ranked (4)

Claustrophobia 1643is an unusual dungeon crawler. Most games in the genre are cooperative, or at least include a team of players.Claustrophobia 1643it is only for two players and they compete head to head. One controls a small team of adventurers and the other controls a horde of monsters.

The result is an asymmetrical and tense dynamic. One wrong move from the human player could spell disaster, but a bit of luck could see them succeed with ease.Claustrophobia 1643it is not for everyone. However, it is one of the best dungeon crawling board games for people who like a competitive spin on things.

10 Doom turns real-time gameplay into a turn-based game

2-5 players

The 14 best dungeon crawler board games, ranked (5)

Fantastic flying games'ruinThe board game is one of the most faithful adaptations of the fundamental first-person shooter. The 2016 edition of the board game Doom is derived fromDescent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, released by Fantasy Flight Games in 2012.

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Update uses 2016ruinvideo game as a base. Most players control marines trying to complete missions in a place overrun by demons. The other player controls the demons and violently tries to stop them. The result is an excellent, fast and competitive dungeon crawler.

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9 Descent: Legends Of The Dark Brings Apps To The Table

1-4 players

The 14 best dungeon crawler board games, ranked (6)

dark legendsis a spin-off of the acclaimedDescent: Journeys into the Dark.subtitlesmodify theexcursionsformula that adds an app-based game master. This allows all participants to play the game instead of having one in the role of game master.

dark legendsit retains its difficulty and fun while removing its competitive aspects. The game has hours of content for its players and makes the best possible use of its components. A group can spend months playing an epic story in a much easier way than playing a TTRPG.

8 Resident Evil 2: The Board Game Has Players Surviving The Raccoon City Outbreak

1-4 players

The 14 best dungeon crawler board games, ranked (7)

resident evil 2it is one of many video games to receive a board game adaptation. However,Resident Evil 2: The Board Gameit does not recreate the game directly. Instead, it uses its story, themes, and characters to make an excellent dungeon crawler.

Resident Evil 2: The Board Gamecombines player tactics with a high degree of randomization. Players never know what will happen when they open a door, fire a weapon, or do anything else. The result is a game that rewards players for getting it right, but also a game where players never know what will happen next.

7 Star Wars: Imperial Assault Pits Imperial Overlords Against Rebel Scum

2-5 players

The 14 best dungeon crawler board games, ranked (8)

Star Wars: Asalto Imperialtakes the familiar formula and data mechanics from the beloved Fantasy Flightruinand projects it into a galaxy far, far away.imperial assaultit benefits greatly from using tried and true game mechanics in a familiar setting.

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imperial assaultallows a player to control the unlimited forces of the Galactic Empire. Up to four others serve as soldiers of the rebellion. The game also allows skirmish play. However, its main focus is a narrative dungeon crawling campaign. With an enjoyable story and tight mechanics,imperial assaultit's a good dungeon crawler for anyStar Warsfan.

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6 Arcadia Quest Brings Anime-Inspired Design To Dungeon Crawlers

2-4 players

The 14 best dungeon crawler board games, ranked (9)

Many dungeon crawlers have highly detailed miniatures that are pretty scary.Arcadian Questhe goes in the opposite direction and models his miniatures after anime characters. They have a fluffy, cuddly appearance that belies their true danger.

Each player controls a guild of three characters. This adds a twist to gameplay not usually seen in the dungeon crawler genre.Arcadian Questit features teamwork not only between players, but within a player's own team of characters. It's a fun twist on a style of play where players typically only play a single character.

5 Mansions Of Madness aumenta el terror

1-5 players

The 14 best dungeon crawler board games, ranked (10)

Many dungeon crawling games are in the fantasy adventure genre.mansions of madnessAvoid this approach entirely. Instead, it is a horror game that has a lot in common with the fiction of H. P. Lovecraft and other horror authors. Players control investigators exploring a house and experiencing the terrors within.

mansions of madness, from its second edition, is another game that uses an application to guide and determine threats. The game is lighter on combat than many other dungeon crawlers, but its focus on exploration and overcoming challenges makes it a clear example of the genre.mansions of madnessis an excellent choice for players who want a dungeon crawler game beyond the vein of sword and sorcery.

4 Dungeons & Dragons adventure system adapts fourth edition of D&D

1-5 players

The 14 best dungeon crawler board games, ranked (11)

Millions of players every year play. The game introduces more players to role-playing games than any other game in the world. However, it is famous for its large number of rules. EITHERDungeons & Dragons Adventure SystemIt bridges the gap between a complex board game and a full RPG.


It comes as no surprise to find that several dungeon-based board gamesDungeons & Dragons Fourth Editionfound a home on the game shelves of millions.Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Systemgames likeIra of Ashardalonmiravenloft castleallows players to run simple dungeon crawling games that are easier to get into and do not require a Dungeon Master.

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3 Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress takes dungeon crawling into the far future

1-5 players

The 14 best dungeon crawler board games, ranked (12)

warhammer missionis a series of board games set in the iconicwar hammeruniverse dating back to 1995. One of the more recent iterations of the game isWarhammer Quest: Fortaleza Blackstone,What really happens in the futuristic spin-offWarhammer 40.000.

Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress es más flexiblethan many dungeon crawlers. It can be played solo or in a group with one player controlling hostiles, making it good for standalone games or longer campaigns.Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortressit combines a great theme with tight mechanics and a surprising amount of freedom of choice in how you play the game.

2 HeroQuest brings old school style back to board games

2-5 players

The 14 best dungeon crawler board games, ranked (13)

hero questit's more dated than many dungeon crawler board games. Its first iteration dates back to 1989, and that heritage really shows. Even in its most modern versions, it retains the older rules, such as roll to move.

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Nevertheless,hero questIt has a high level of quality that has allowed it to survive these decades. It has one of the best combinations of skill and luck to grace the entire dungeon crawling genre.hero questis a challenging, fun, and well-crafted piece of board gaming history that's more than capable of holding its own with more modern titles.

1 Gloomhaven turns its legacy into a board game

1-4 players

The 14 best dungeon crawler board games, ranked (14)

Huge sprawling board game by Isaac ChildersGloom Havenit has one of the largest boxes of any board game. It is packed with boards, cards, pieces, and trackers. It makes great use of every part and is one of the best tactical dungeon crawlers out there.

Omechanics inherited from Gloomhaven add a senseof a true generational transformation for the game world. This is combined with fun and strict rules for everything else.Gloom HavenIt is widely considered to be one of the best dungeon crawling board games ever made. With his deep, long-lasting, and pleasantly fast game, he deserves this recognition.

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What is the number 1 board game? ›

boardgame geek
Board Game RankTitleNum Voters
1Brass: Birmingham (2018) Build networks, grow industries, and navigate the world of the Industrial Revolution.36142
2Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 (2015) Mutating diseases are spreading around the world - can your team save humanity?49601
57 more rows

Is Gloomhaven the best dungeon crawler? ›

Gloomhaven: Best Overall. Gloomhaven has all the elements of the best dungeon crawl board games. From exciting adventures and formidable quests to cooperative play and an immersive fantasy world, this game has it all. Gloomhaven features Euro-inspired tactical combat.

Is Diablo the best dungeon crawler? ›

Diablo 3 may be one of the oldest titles on our list, but its staying power is undeniable and it's one of the best dungeon crawlers that's free to play up to the end of the game's first Act.

What is the most complex board game ever? ›

“So Go is probably the most complex game ever devised by man. It has 10^170 possible board configurations, which is more than the numbers of atoms in the universe,” said study author and AlphaGo co-developer Demis Hassabis of Google DeepMind. The team's goal was to beat the best human players, not just mimic them.

What are the top 5 most popular board games? ›

Following chess, checkers, backgammon, Monopoly, and Scrabble are among the top five most popular board games.

What are the top 10 most popular board games of all time? ›

Here are a few honorable mentions for the best board games ever:
  • Candyland (1950)
  • Risk (1957)
  • The Game of Life (1960)
  • Stratego (1961)
  • Battleship (1977)
  • Sequence (1982)
  • Balderdash (1984)
  • Pictionary (1985)
Sep 5, 2022

What are the top 10 board games? ›

Top Ten Best Board Games
  • person takes the lead early on - and then "monopolizes" their lead for the rest of the game (hours and hours and hours), until everyone else is squeezed out. ...
  • Chess. ...
  • Life. ...
  • Clue. ...
  • Risk. ...
  • Settlers of Catan. ...
  • Scrabble. ...
  • Battleship.

Is Gloomhaven better than Mage Knight? ›

Mage Knight is probably a better puzzle and Gloomhaven is definitely the better adventure game. Mage Knight is fiddly but Gloomhaven is 10 times more fiddly. Managing multiple characters is not a big deal.

What is the best dungeon Keeper game? ›

Let's take a look at some of the best.
  • 9 Impire.
  • 8 Evil Genius 2: World Domination.
  • 7 Going Medieval.
  • 6 Spacebase Startopia.
  • 5 Dungeons 3.
  • 4 Empires Of The Undergrowth.
  • 3 War For The Overworld.
  • 2 Dwarf Fortress.
Aug 18, 2021

Which Dungeons are the best? ›

12 Best Dungeons In RPG History, Ranked
  • 11 Air's Rock, Golden Sun: The Lost Age. ...
  • 10 Memoria, Final Fantasy 9. ...
  • 9 The Palace Of The Dead, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. ...
  • 8 The Tower Of Lezard Valeth, Valkyrie Profile. ...
  • 7 Amaurot, Final Fantasy 14. ...
  • 6 Fort Dragonia, Chrono Cross. ...
  • 5 Blackreach, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
Dec 1, 2021

Is Diablo 3 better than D2? ›

There is also no denying that Diablo 3 only built upon the groundwork laid by Diablo 2. If this were about originality, Diablo 2 would win out. But this is about gameplay and the experience of playing Diablo 3's combat is smoother, more fun, and dynamic during the big moments.

Why is Diablo II better than Diablo 3? ›

Diablo 2 having deeper gameplay, harsher randomization, and more character builds lends much to its replayability. It's a game you can play over and over again and expect to have different results even if you try to replicate a character due to loot RNG.

What is the best Diablo like game? ›

20 Games To Play If You Like Diablo 3
  1. 1 Path Of Exile. Release Year: 2013.
  2. 2 Sacred. Release Year: 2004. ...
  3. 3 The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing. Release Year: 2013. ...
  4. 4 Book Of Demons. Release Year: 2018. ...
  5. 5 Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem. Release Year: 2020. ...
  6. 6 Torchlight. Release Year: 2009. ...
  7. 7 Last Epoch. ...
  8. 8 Grim Dawn. ...
Oct 28, 2022

What is the oldest popular board game? ›

The earliest commercially produced board game, the Game of the Goose is a game of chance and luck, involving no strategy at all. Duke Francesco de Medici first gifted the game, then called Gioco dell'Oca to Philip II of Spain between 1574 and 1587, and the pastime quickly spread in popularity throughout Europe.

What is the longest lasting board game? ›

Description. The Campaign for North Africa has been called the longest board game ever produced, with estimates that a full game would take 1,500 hours to complete.

What is the most fun board game? ›

Popular board games for teens and college students
  1. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. (Card Game, 3 to 8 Players) ...
  2. ESPN Trivia Night. (Trivia Game, 2 to 10 players) ...
  3. Cards Against Humanity. (Card Game, 3 to 20+ Players) ...
  4. Exploding Kittens. ...
  5. The Settlers of Catan. ...
  6. Dominion. ...
  7. Throw Throw Burrito – A Dodgeball Card Game. ...
  8. Codenames.
Oct 26, 2022

What is the hardest board game to understand? ›

While some board games are a great choice for a simple game night, these choices are more difficult to learn for those wanting a challenge.
12 Most Difficult Board Games For Adults
  1. 1 Twilight Struggle.
  2. 2 Advanced Squad Leader. ...
  3. 3 The Campaign For North Africa. ...
  4. 4 Dead Of Winter. ...
  5. 5 Eldritch Horror. ...
Dec 15, 2022

What is the 10 best game in the world? ›

The following is a list of the top ten games in the world right now.
  1. PUBG. ...
  2. Minecraft. ...
  3. Apex Legends. ...
  4. Fortnite Battle Royale. ...
  5. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. ...
  6. HearthStone. ...
  7. League of Legends. ...
  8. Call of Duty Mobile (COD)

What is the most 5 popular game? ›

Top PC Games by Monthly Active Users – Global
  • ROBLOX. Roblox Corporation. -
  • Minecraft. Mojang Studios. +2.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II/Warzone 2.0. Activision Publishing. -1.
  • Fortnite. Epic Games. -1.
  • The Sims 4. Electronic Arts. -
  • League of Legends. Riot Games. -
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Valve. +1.
  • Valorant. Riot Games. +2.

Is Gloomhaven too difficult? ›

Similar to the Dark Souls series, Gloomhaven digital can be misunderstood as providing its players with an unashamedly masochistic experience. The tabletop video game is certainly difficult, there's no denying that.

Why is Mage Knight so good? ›

I believe Mage Knight is so good because of three reasons: how thematic the game mechanics are, the carefully paced character progression with numerous options, and the puzzle-like approach to every hand. The combination of these three allows for some powerful move combos, that are great fun to produce.

What is the best Gloomhaven character? ›

Nightshroud: Considered by many in the community to be the pinnacle of Gloomhaven character power the Nightshroud does not care how many other characters are in your party and is capable of doing everything themselves and scales throughout your encounters due to their mechanics focused on assassination.

What was the first dungeon game? ›

Widely considered the first dungeon crawler board game, this 1975 release set the standard for the genre. It featured four distinct character archetypes as well as tiered monster and treasure levels, making it feel very close in structure to Dungeons & Dragons.

What game has a Dungeon Master? ›

Dungeons & Dragons is one of the most influential tabletop games ever made. The role-playing that participants could engage in was so riveting that an entirely new video game genre was birthed from its mechanics.

Is Dungeon Keeper 2 better than 1? ›

Do i get Dungeon Keeper Gold Or Dungeon Keeper 2 ? Start with one. Two improved graphics and threw in some features that the developers wanted to put into one, but had to cut to get the game out. Two is a good game in itself, but one is the trendsetter.

What is the longest D&D game ever played? ›

Wardhaugh is a Canadian historian known as a host of the longest uninterrupted Dungeons and Dragons campaign. As of 2022, the game is going on for 40 years, since 1982.

What are the 4 dungeons? ›

Game Worlds Four Dungeons
  • Kembaalung. An urgent call from Sergeant Major Talbot summons the Wizard to Krokotopia, where Talbot explains that a Royal Expeditionary Force has gone missing. ...
  • Barkingham Palace. ...
  • House of Scales. ...
  • Castle Darkmoor.

What is the most overpowered class in Diablo 2? ›

The Paladin is the most powerful out of all playable Diablo 2: Resurrected classes. He has access to a variety of magical and melee skills. On top of that, he is also adept at using ranged weapons and spells. The most popular Paladin build by far is the Hammerdin.

Is Diablo 3 going to end? ›

Diablo 3 is passing the torch to Diablo 4, as Blizzard Entertainment announces what is likely to be the game's final season before the sequel officially becomes Diablo's flagship title.

What is the strongest class in Diablo? ›

Diablo 3: The Best Solo Classes Ranked Worst To Best
  • 7 Witch Doctor.
  • 6 Barbarian.
  • 5 Demon Hunter.
  • 4 Crusader.
  • 3 Monk.
  • 2 Necromancer.
  • 1 Wizard.
Oct 27, 2022

Why did Diablo 2: Resurrected fail? ›

This error usually happens when your computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements to run the game. Please check the following: Make sure your computer meets the Diablo II: Resurrected System Requirements. Update your drivers and operating system to resolve any compatibility issues.

Is Diablo Immortal pay-to-win? ›

Diablo Immortal's pay-to-win mechanics have been well documented. Players can purchase legendary crests to not only get the best and most powerful gems, but also the gems needed to upgrade those gems to even higher levels.

Is Diablo 3 better than Poe? ›

According to our conclusion and judgment, Path of Exile is considered better than Diablo 3. Although Diablo 3 stands out in most aspects compared to Path of Exile, and the game is outdated, no new content or update has decreased the community of Diablo 3.

What game is most like Dungeons and Dragons? ›

10 Epic Games Like Dungeons & Dragons to Take You on an Adventure
  • Pathfinder. ...
  • Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. ...
  • Tunnels & Trolls. ...
  • Shadowrun. ...
  • Descent: Journeys in the Dark. ...
  • Legacy of Dragonholt. ...
  • Gloomhaven. ...
  • Bargain Quest.
Mar 19, 2021

Is Diablo a grindy? ›

While the gameplay often seems repetitive and grindy, most Diablo titles appear to reward players who enjoy the feedback loop, and the purpose of playing Diablo lies less in achieving particular goals and more in maximizing your character's potential.

Which ARPG has the best combat? ›

This list has been updated with more games with amazing combat systems.
  • 18 Elden Ring.
  • 17 Tales Of Arise.
  • 16 Scarlet Nexus.
  • 15 Cyberpunk 2077.
  • 14 Final Fantasy 15.
  • 13 Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.
  • 12 Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning.
  • 11 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
May 17, 2022

What's better than AI Dungeon? ›

The followings are the best AI Dungeon alternatives:
  • Write Holo.
  • NovelAI.
  • Dreamily.AI.
  • Magium.
  • Dwarf Fortress.
Oct 5, 2022

Which D&D game is the best? ›

The 10 Best D&D Video Games, Ranked According To Metacritic
  1. 1 Baldur's Gate II Improved On Perfection (95)
  2. 2 Neverwinter Nights Had Plenty Of Online Content (91) ...
  3. 3 Baldur's Gate Started A Franchise (91) ...
  4. 4 Planescape: Torment Became A Cult Classic (91) ...
  5. 5 Lords of Waterdeep Is A Board Game App (90) ...
Mar 24, 2022

What board game is most like Dungeons and Dragons? ›

Best board games for fans of D&D
  • Gloomhaven.
  • Lords of Waterdeep.
  • Descent: Legends of the Dark.
  • Catacombs: Third Edition.
  • Betrayal at Baldur's Gate.
Apr 6, 2022

What game has the most advanced AI? ›

These are some of the best artificial intelligence games:
  • F.E.A.R.
  • The Last of Us.
  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist.
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown.
  • Halo: Combat Evolved.
  • Minecraft.
  • Rocket League.
  • Stockfish.
Aug 28, 2022

Which dungeons are the best? ›

12 Best Dungeons In RPG History, Ranked
  • 11 Air's Rock, Golden Sun: The Lost Age. ...
  • 10 Memoria, Final Fantasy 9. ...
  • 9 The Palace Of The Dead, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. ...
  • 8 The Tower Of Lezard Valeth, Valkyrie Profile. ...
  • 7 Amaurot, Final Fantasy 14. ...
  • 6 Fort Dragonia, Chrono Cross. ...
  • 5 Blackreach, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
Dec 1, 2021

Can you swear in AI Dungeon? ›

AI Dungeon allows for unlimited roleplay and storytelling possibilities, and Latitude supports other NSFW material, including sex, violence, and swearing.

What was the biggest DnD game? ›

The World's Largest Dungeon is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure set entirely in an enormous dungeon. It is over 800 pages long and was produced by Alderac Entertainment Group in 2004. It also includes 16 full-color poster maps, making its single tome one of the largest campaign settings in one product.

What D&D game should I play first? ›

Probably the best introductory adventure for both new players and new DMs is the Lost of Mine of Phandelver. Even Wizards of the Coast seem to think so, as it's the adventure that comes with their official D&D Starter Set.

What is the most overpowered class in D&D? ›

The paladin is perhaps the most powerful combatant of all of D&D 5e's classes. It combines the best aspects of the fighter and cleric into a single character. Paladins get a fighter's weapons, spellcasting like a cleric, and several unique features. These together make them terrifying to fight.

Is Pathfinder better than DND? ›

Finding Players

As you've probably gathered, the simplest way to sum up the differences between the two games is that Dungeons & Dragons has simpler, more streamlined rules while Pathfinder is slightly more complex but allows for greater flexibility.

What is the most liked board game in the world? ›

What is the most played board game in the world? Monopoly has been played by more than 500 million people worldwide.

What are the two most popular board games? ›

Following chess, checkers, backgammon, Monopoly, and Scrabble are among the top five most popular board games.


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