The best places to receive charcuterie boards in your home (2023)

The best places to receive charcuterie boards in your home (1)

Imagine - you just moved into yoursdream home and lotand wanted to party. Enter the charcuterie boards, which are the perfect choice to start with. Gone are the days when appetizers and snacks at every dining table were just boring preludes to the main course. Lately,Sausage boards characterize every home party. Be it birthdays, anniversaries oropening ceremonies, nothing says "Welcome" like a delicious box of sausage and spread.

Part of French cuisine and tradition,Sausage boardThey are often presented as an appetizer for many different occasions. They are popularly served as appetizers for holiday celebrations, wine tastings, weekend dinners and cocktail parties. It consists of a selection of charcuterie, fruit, cheese, bread and nuts, elegantly arranged on a wooden or slate board.

Part of the charm of a charcuterie or pasture board lies in the way it is presented. Presentation is a crucial factor when serving charcuterie boards. The way it is laid out gives it a certain appeal. It essentially highlights the different dishes and creates a visually appealing appetizer that can delight your family and guests. Without a doubt, this delicious paste would be perfect for everyoneCelebrationyou stay in your house

How are sausage plates made?

Strictly speaking, charcuterie means pork slaughter. And the sausage boards only show cured or seasoned meat. However, the modern version of the sausage board now includes bread, cheese, assorted nuts, fruits, and even spreads. Below is a list of the different types of food you can find on any deli or pasta board.

  • Meat

Charcuterie is definitely a staple on charcuterie boards and will dictate the type of board you choose to serve. The same goes for accompanying cheese and other side dishes like nuts, dried fruits, and pickles. It's important to choose different textures so that your sausages have great flavor combinations. Most would pick their favorites: salami and prosciutto.

Salami is a generic term for seasoned ground beef that's wrapped in sausage casings and smoked or dried to get that rich flavor. Some types of salami you may be more familiar with are chorizo​​(Spain), soppressata (Italy) and the famous pepperoni (USA). Salami usually goes well with bread, cheese, and fruit.

On the other hand, ham is a thin slice of fatty meat that has been cured in salt and dried for several months. It's usually made with pork, but duck, lamb, and other meats will also work. The curing process of meat that has been salted and dried for months results in ham. Prosciutto goes best with fruit and other meats.

  • Cheese

Another key ingredient in sausage platters is cheese. There aredifferent types of cheeseto your spread, but if you're not sure what to choose you can always count on the following: Gouda, Brie, Cheddar, Parmesan and Blue Cheese. These are universal favorites as they all vary in mouthfeel, acidity, saltiness and milk content, although the blue cheese can be debatable.

You want at least three to four types of cheese with different flavors, textures, and aromas to compliment your spread. And when deciding what to add, remember that your choice of cheese must pair well with the wine of your choice.

Fresh, soft cheeses like feta, mozzarella, and brie pair well with fruit and jam. These are best served at room temperature and have a silky, buttery texture that melts in the mouth. These cheeses pair well with a nice bottle of Merlot or Chardonnay.

Semi-hard cheese, like an excellent Orgouda cheddar, has a dense, sweet, nutty flavor with a hint of salt. These deeper, nutty notes are often a hallmark of aged cheeses. These go well with side dishes such as apple slices, nuts and crackers. If you put these cheeses on your table, you'll probably want to opt for a bottle of Cabernet or Zinfandel for your wines.

For hard cheeses like Parmesan and Asiago, it has a nutty, salty, and tangy flavor that complements cured meats like ham and salami. Hard cheeses often have a crumbly, dry texture and are best served grated or sliced. They add a bit of crunch and can also be combined with jams, nuts and dried fruits.

If you're feeling a little adventurous, blue cheese is another way to add some zing to your charcuterie board. Not everyone finds this aged cheese appetizing because of its smell, but it has a creamy, earthy flavor that goes well with a nice bottle of Merlot. Blue cheese also goes well with rye bread, baguette, various nuts and cherries.

  • fruits and nuts

In general, choose fruits and nuts that go well with the types of meat and cheese you have on your food. If you don't know which combinations go well together, you can always reach for the classics. Try pairing cheddar with grapes, cherries, and walnuts.

For soft cheeses like brie and ricotta, cherries, strawberries, and pears are good choices. Classic nuts to add are toasted almonds, walnuts, and pistachios. Plus, pickles like the classic cornichon are great staples for your charcuterie board.

  • biscuits/bread

One of the most amazing things that has ever happened to mankind is bread. Breads like croissants, baguettes, and sourdough are great on their own, but paired with cured meats and a variety of cheeses makes the charcuterie experience even better. Popular choices for a charcuterie board include French sourdough, rye bread, toasted baguette, and fine multigrain crackers and cookies.

For homemade sausage platters, visit this blog:How to make a Sausage Board (VIDEO).

Where can you get sausage boards?

If you don't have enough time to get all the necessary ingredients to make your own charcuterie board, worry no more. Here is a list of online restaurants and food companies that deliver charcuterie plattersResidential and land developments near Metro Manila.

The best places to receive charcuterie boards in your home (2)
  1. CRATE

BeMarikinaThe resident grassland box company offers its impressive sausage and grassland boxes to any family looking to celebrate special occasions at home. CASED specializes in sophisticated deli boxes containing premium sausage and cheese. They also offer a variety of side dishes like the classic gherkins, toasted nuts, dried and fresh fruit, rustic cookies, breads, pretzels, jams, and honey. They also add personalized notes, especially for special occasions.

Their sausage and pasture boxes range in price from PHP 1,500 to PHP 2,800, with each size option including a bottle of wine. Customers also have the option to order more cheese or cold cuts at an additional cost. If you want to add your personal touch, CASED offers customers the option to personalize their own deli boxes.

You can specify what type of cheese you prefer or what wine you would like by sending them a messageCASED account on Instagramor by SMS on 09159447558, for which you will receive an offer. For those interested, CASED advises customers to place their orders and customizations one day before the desired delivery.

The best places to receive charcuterie boards in your home (3)
  1. the shepherd's house

the shepherd's houseis located in Quezon City and offers select willow boxes for special celebrations at home. Located in Quezon City, this charcuterie and pastry box store offers affordable premium deli boards and pastry boxes.

Their price lists range from PHP 900 to PHP 3,000 depending on the folder size you want to order. The FOR ME pasture box, which is suitable for one to two people, costs PHP 900. If you want something good for three to five people, the FOR US pasture box costs PHP 1,500. The FOR ALL Food Box seats six to eight people and is priced at PHP 3,000 and comes with a bottle of wine.

If the customer would like to request a bottle of wine and the FOR ME or FOR US boxes, just add PHP 500 to the price of the box of your choice.

You can place your orders through your Facebook page, Instagram account and by SMS to 09173287568. Customers are advised to place their orders two days before delivery to ensure the freshness and quality of the paste.

Check out this list of affordable charcuterie and cheese platters for travelers on a budget:Cheese platters you can order for P1,000 or less (

The best places to receive charcuterie boards in your home (4)
  1. the cheese board

If you're in Mandaluyong and suddenly fancy a fancy Friday night, look no further.the cheese boardis a famous cheese shop that offers its customers dazzling Madeira cheese and willow boards. Their plates and boards are available in three sizes:

  • An 8 inch board for 2-3 people
  • A 12" board for up to 10 people
  • A 14 inch platter for 12 to 16 people

Each board consists of a beautiful acacia wood board with 5 types of cheese (Manchego, Gouda, Brie, Blue Cheese and Cheddar), 3 types of premium cured meats (ham, chorizo ​​and salami), fine imported crackers, grapes, strawberries, almonds, hulled honey and a festive topper for any occasion. They also have a selection of wines for customers to choose with their dishes.

You can order via their Instagram page or by SMS on 09566191099. They provide deliveries, but you can also pick up your boards in person if you're in the area.

The best places to receive charcuterie boards in your home (5)
  1. to refuel&pasture

Another catering company in Mandaluyong, Cater and Graze, offers grass tables, sausage and grass boxes, and festive dishes. This bespoke catering service has been featured in the mainstream media for its vibrant, premium quality dishes and spreads. Their wickers and platters range from PHP 999, enough for two to three people, to PHP 9,999 for wicker baskets and pies for more than 25 people.

Depending on the size chosen, the selection of dishes includes different types of cheese and selected imported sausages. It also comes with seasonal fruits that go well with it, side dishes like nuts, olives and gherkins, cookies and crackers, honey, chocolate and even wine. customers can visitInstagram by Cater & Grazefor more details about their menu. You can place your orders by SMS to 09178888037 and also via Instagram.

Cater and Graze enable the individual design of pasture boxes and special orders of special cheeses and sausages on customer request. Not only do they offer services throughout Metro Manila, but they also deliver in select areas of Cavite,Lagoon, Bulacan and Rizal.

The best places to receive charcuterie boards in your home (6)
  1. Grazes da Sra. Reyes

With 4 size options to choose from, Grazes by Mrs. Reyes offers impressive boxes and platters of three cheeses. There are also fruits like cranberries and dried grapes, chocolate, olives, almonds, walnuts and – wait for that – a caviar cake! Their Moyennegrazing Box, suitable for two to four people, costs PHP 1,099. In addition, customers can also customize their packages. You can even order a bottle of red wine with your order.

Customers can place their order one day before the desired delivery date. You can pull it offThank you for the Instagram account of Ms. Königeor by SMS on 09770783716.

For more options for delicatessens, see this article:LIST: Where to get willow trees in Metro Manila ( Also, you will get fast, easy and hassle free delivery service when using itGet all delivery servicesApplication!

Although not a traditional meal typically seen in a typical household, charcuterie platters have gradually wormed their way onto the dining tables of every Filipino household.

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