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In 2015, the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer introduced front-wheel drive and MPV versatility to the Bavarian manufacturer's range. In 2018, this model of the "F45" generation was slightly updated and became a bit smarter, safer and more refined. And even better prepared to offer premium options to buyers of medium-sized 5-seater passenger cars. It is this updated model that we are looking at here as a used purchase.


When launched in 2015, the 2 Series Active Tourer immediately upended everything we thought we knew about BMW's product planning. It was the MPV People Carrier. And it was front-wheel drive. So many reasons to be proud of Bavarian traditionalists. As usual, however, they proved to be wrong. This model in the "F45" series sold well, and in mid-2018 the brand gave it a major upgrade, creating the car we'll be looking at here. Ours has proven to be the third largest global market for a 2 Series MPV model with over 20,000 Active Tourers sold here prior to the launch of this lightly modified version. As before, this five-seater design was sold alongside the slightly longer seven-seater Gran Tourer, which also benefited from the same package of changes. These included minor updates to the engine range, styling tweaks and perhaps most importantly the addition of a new 7-speed automatic transmission as an option on most models. New buyers could also get more camera security kits. Other than that, everything looked the same as before, which meant a package based on the space-saving front-drive platform and engine originally developed for the third-generation MINI Hatch. BMW hoped the result would be a technology cut from mid-size brands that offer five-seat MPVs such as the Renault Scenic, Volkswagen Golf SV and Ford C-MAX. This claim is underlined by the continued availability of the advanced 225xe iPerformance model at the top of the range for plug-in hybrid petrol-electric technology enthusiasts. However, most 2 Series Active Tourer buyers preferred to focus on the more conventional mainstream petrol and diesel variants, which offer a premium experience rivaled only in this segment by the Mercedes B-Class, the latest version of the third generation, which this BMW had to be good enough to beat him. This "F45" series design was sold until the end of 2021, when it was replaced with an all-new second-generation design.

What did you get

We'll let BMW start it. They claimed that this Series 2 Active Tourer combines "dynamism, style, elegance and functionality in a smartly packaged car." That is their perspective. Perhaps you think that when it comes to "dynamism, style and elegance", other models from the Bavarian manufacturer of similar size are more desirable - cars like the 1 Series hatchback, X1 SUV or the 3 Series Touring station wagon. focus on the "practical" elements and packaging", and you will always choose the Active Tourer 2 series over any of these cars. As we will see here, it takes up less space than any other model produced by BMW. It is not a design approach that promotes an eye-catching exterior, but chief stylist Michael de Bono did his best, making a number of subtle aesthetic tweaks in the mid-term to give the car a slightly more school-like feel.But we're willing to bet that what what will really win you over with this Active Tourer is the driving experience it offers, it's certainly easy to get the perfect driving position thanks to the generous angle and reach adjustments from the slim leather-wrapped steering wheel, through which you can see the usual crystal clear set of BMW dials . If you're familiar with the original version of this car, you might not notice any particular changes made to this updated model - but there were a few, and they're quite significant. Longer seat cushions make the front seats more comfortable on longer trips . Perhaps more importantly, new buyers also had the added option of replacing the standard 6.5-inch iDrive screen in the center of the dashboard with a larger 8.8-inch touchscreen that came with the extra cost of "Navigation Plus"- the package. It's comfortable in the back and the news is largely good, with plenty of room for three full-size adults, helped by generous ground clearance and a relatively low central transmission tunnel. Helpfully, the rear seat reclines - and (assuming you avoid entry-level trim) it also slides in a 60:40 split over a 150mm reach. Push it back to its rear position and you'll enjoy impressive legroom. At the end of the shoe. In the usual petrol and diesel versions, the capacity is 468 litres. If you really want to expand your space, the rear seat electronically lowers at the touch of a button, creating an almost flat 1,510 liter load space.

What to look for

The majority of Series 2 Active Tourer buyers in our owner survey were very happy with their cars, but there were inevitably a few issues, even if these were relatively minor things. For example, the glove box locking mechanism broke in a car. This is a car that has been used by the family, so check the interior carefully for wear, including scratches on the plastic and stains on the seats. Also, make sure all seats fold and recline properly, especially those that are electrically operated. Check the paint for scratches and the wheels for curb damage as these cars have been used in city parking lots and on school routes. Watch out for problems with a clogged diesel particulate filter (DPF), especially on cars that may have been used for short city trips. Otherwise, there were a few reports of squeaky interiors and some issues with loose plastic flaps in the trunk, but not much to worry about. Engines and mechanics come from other BMW models and enjoy a good reputation. As always, ensure that the service is carried out correctly at the main BMW dealer.

Spare parts

[Based on a 218i 2019] Part prices for a Series 2 Active Tourer from this period can be reasonable if you shop around. We searched the internet and found this: An air filter costs around £47. The oil filter is in the 19 lb range. The fuel filter costs £48. A headlamp costs between £290 and £300. The taillight is in the £97 range. Front brake pads are £130 each. set. A set of back cushions costs around £77. Front brake discs are around £100. The starter is around £570. A wiper blade costs in the £15 range.

On the road

The Active Tourer was BMW's first-ever front-wheel drive model, borrowing the basics of the MINI but refining them into a more relaxed, usable end result. The ride remains a bit stiffer than MPV-segment buyers, but if you find a car whose original owner specified the optional Adaptive Suspension package, it will be improved. This works through various settings of the standard "Drive Performance Control" driving mode system, which improves steering and throttle response. Shift times too if you choose a car equipped with an automatic transmission - at this point we should mention that the 7-speed automatic Steptronic gearbox introduced as part of this model update was available to buyers of the 1.5-litre 216d and three-cylinder petrol and diesel models 218i. All offered engines belong to the second-generation BMW EfficientDynamics family, which for gasoline versions has ensured an increase in efficiency compared to the original version of this model by up to 5%. If you don't want the 116bhp 216d or 140bhp 218i, switching to a four-cylinder will give you the option of a 2.0-litre 218d diesel. This adds up to 61.4mpg on the combined cycle and up to 121g/km CO2 (both NEDC figures). There are three other engines to choose from, starting with 190bhp units powering the conventional 220i petrol and 220d diesel variants – the latter was available with optional xDrive AWD. Deliberately unconventional is the range's most interesting variant, the plug-in petrol-electric 225xe, which combines a 1.5-litre 218i petrol engine with an 88PS electric motor and provides 48 miles of all-electric driving.

In general

Only BMW has been able to make a five-seat mid-size minivan truly desirable - and this car has succeeded to some extent. The Active Tourer was the model that paved the way for a whole range of BMW's more efficient front-wheel drive designs and still has a lot going for it, if you want a compact five-seat minivan, you don't mind paying a bit more for a car of this species. And in short? Well, it says a lot that more than 80% of people who choose this car have never bought a BMW before, customers who probably never thought they would choose a model from the Munich-based manufacturer. They don't get the "best driving machine" because they don't need it. Instead, it may suit them very well to get what may very well be "the best carrier for little people".

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