Which car battery terminal to connect first? | Kia Dominican Republic (2023)

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“First positive, then negative. When disconnecting cables from the old battery, disconnect the negative first, then the positive. Connect the new battery in reverse order, positive then negative.”

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When replacing a car battery, it is not always easy to remember the order of disconnecting and reconnecting the terminals. However, it is important to connect them in the right order.

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When removing the old battery, remember to first disconnect the wires from the negative terminal, which is usually black and has a minus (-) sign, and then disconnect the wires from the positive terminal, which is usually red and has a minus (-) sign. plus (+) sign. Always be careful never to touch a metal object with both battery poles at the same time.

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After disconnecting the clips, open the clips securing the battery and slowly pull it out of the battery compartment.

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Before inserting the new battery, make sure both poles and cables are free of rust. If they are rusty, you can clean them with water, baking soda and a wire brush.

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Then, with the poles in the correct position, lower the battery into the battery compartment and secure it in place. Now connect the new battery in reverse order, first the positive pole and then the negative pole. Make sure the battery is properly seated!

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